Manage all your delivery orders from
a single tablet.

One Tablet,.One Printer. All your online delivery orders.

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All your delivery data together

Connect your delivery platforms in seconds and access all your data for a better understanding of your performance.

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La centralisation de toutes les plateformes est l'aout de RusHour
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All your online delivery orders on one tablet

By adding new delivery platforms to your restaurant, you have to deal with more operational complexity. RusHour lets you bring all your controls together on one tablet and boost your online performance.

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OUR Mission

Technology at the service of your restaurant

Thanks to RusHour, easily connect your delivery platforms and discover all our functionalities at the service of your restaurant.


Analyze all the delivery data of your restaurant in one place

Order Manager

Manage all your delivery and take-out orders on a single tablet and printer

Menu Manager

Modify your menu in real time from a single platform


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RusHour makes easy all our delivery operations  of our teams.

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