All your delivery orders data
in real time

Restaurants use Business Manager to gain a better understanding of their delivery and take-out performance

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Control of your data

With RusHour, you are in control of your performance on online ordering platforms at all times. All your teams are able to analyze and understand the levers to operate to optimize your results.

Performance reports

RusHour allows you to export at any time the data that interests you by brand, by location, by platform, by product category ... and much more.

24/7 support

Our team of experts will support you throughout our relationship to enable you to seize all the opportunities available to your brand.


Connect your
delivery platforms

RusHour allows you to connect all your delivery platforms from one or more restaurants very easily, so all your data is gathered in one place and allows you to have 360 ​​° visibility of your online performance.

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intégrations de différentes plateformes : deliveroo, epicery, uber eats, juste eat
Analyse de la performance grâce notamment aux dashboards de RusHour

Analyze your performance
in detail

With RusHour, you can have access to all your data by brand, by location or by order volume and thus have a better understanding of the key success factors of your brand.

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Export your reports
in one click

By connecting your platforms to RusHour, we allow you to create personalized reports with all the visual information necessary for the continuous improvement of the performance of each location by your teams

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Simplicité d'exportation des données depuis RusHour

RusHour allows us to centralize all our platforms on a single tablet.

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